Eichberg turbo Granada, suche TÜV Gutachten

Diskutiere Eichberg turbo Granada, suche TÜV Gutachten im ABE's & Gutachten Forum im Bereich Tuning, Styling & Pflege; Hello Ford-friends in Germany! Sorry for writing in English, my German is too bad in written form. I’m the lucky owner of four Fords, three...

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    Hello Ford-friends in Germany!
    Sorry for writing in English, my German is too bad in written form.

    I’m the lucky owner of four Fords, three German, and one US:

    Please have a look at http://www.tronderford.com/treff/2007/1_4.jpg

    Both the Sierra XR4X4 and the Scorpio GL 4X4 are by me, restored into original condition.

    The US-made Maverick is a 2002-model and still in original condition.

    The fourth one, a Granada Ghia 2,8i turbo intercooler, is a light custom built car, with an Eichberg turbo set.

    It’s a detailed description of this car at my homepage at http://www.jorgen.tronderford.com
    click the German flag, and you can read the “Gesichte” in German.
    I’ve built this car by myself and the turbo set is bought from Helmut Eichberg, “selbst”, when I visited his store and workshop at Hasbergen, outside Osnabrück, in 1986.

    The car has been stored away since 1990, and used only in connection with our annual gatherings, with impermanent number plates, arranged every year since year 2000, se homepage http://www.tronderford.com.

    Now, when the car is passed the magical 30-years of age, it’s possible to register the car as a veteran car, as I’ve understood you are entitle “youngtimer” in Germany.

    In that connection, I have a great great problem:
    I have been in touch with the officer for veteran certifications at the Norwegian agency for vehicle certification, like your TÜV.

    The officer claims that he has to been displayed a certificate, which prove that the TÜV has approved the Eichberg turbo set or an equivalent set, Turbo MAY, installed in a Granada.

    I’ve tried to reach Eichberg GmbH, several times, by e-mail, telephone, telefax and mail, but it’s completely impracticable to get an answer from Eicberg, it seems that the company is resigned. A Ford shop in Hasbergen has now confirmed, that Eichberg Motorsport is closed.

    Therefore I’m now try this way, are there any visiting this forum, which can help me.

    I need a copy of a TÜV approval document, which confirms that a turbo set for Granada, containing a KKK 3LKZ turbo unit is approved.

    Please help me, if not, I’m forced to rebuild my Granada back to a self aspirating 2,8i to get the number plates back on the vehicle.

    Please take contact at jorgen@tronderford.com


    Jørgen Løvseth

Eichberg turbo Granada, suche TÜV Gutachten

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